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Study Questions Findings That Prolonged Sitting Is Unhealthy
But researchers say promoting physical activity should remain a public health priority
>> complete story

Exercise May Help Prevent Pregnancy-Linked Pelvic Pain
Women who worked out in the months prior to conception saw a benefit, researchers say
>> complete story

For a Better Calorie Burn, Adjust Your Speed While Walking
Stopping and starting, varying your velocity all adds to energy expended, study finds

Mixed Martial Arts Fighters May Go to Dangerous Lengths to Shed Pounds
British study shows saunas, sweat suits, pills all used to trigger drastic weight loss before fights

Bike Helmets Protect Against Severe Brain Injury, Study Says
Researchers call for stricter laws

Whistle … and Walk … While You Work
Small study found a short stroll restored blood flow in legs after hours of sitting in a chair

Short Bursts of Intense Exercise Seems Good for Teen Hearts: Study
High-power workouts improved blood vessel function, researchers say

Move More to Prevent Heart Failure
Study suggests at least 45 minutes of daily activity necessary to lower risk by 20 percent


Health Tip: Promote Healthy Habits During Meals
Do's and don'ts for healthier eating

Health Tip: Squeeze in a 30-Minute Workout
Make it fun and efficient

Health Tip: Walk Correctly
Tips to avoid hurting yourself